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Aerial Silks, Fabric, Tissue

Aerial silk | Medium stretch Aerial silk | Medium stretch
1 - 2 Weeks
Model: BM
Our Silks are sold PER yard, please make sure to read below to be sure you order the correct length."A minimum order of 9 yards is required. "High quality aerial fabric that can stretch in both directions and provides a great bounce for larger drops and skills. Usually used by professionals due to t..
22.86 $CAD
Model: BL
Aerial Silk / Light Stretch is quite static and has nearly no stretch. It is ideal for beginners because it's easier to climb compared to more stretchy fabric. The lack of stretch makes it less ideal for high level performance since the shock loads of drops are not dampened by the fabric and are pas..
15.04 $CAD
Model: CC_7800
These steel forged rings are used to attach aerial silks. Note: Rings come in bulk bags from manufacturers. Some paint defects are normal on these items even when new, and do not affect in any way the load ratings of these items. Technical specifications:Rod diameter: 1/2'' / 1.27 cmOutside diamet..
52.44 $CAD
Model: SP03
Beam anchor plate*NOTE: The length bolts shipped with your beam will be based on the width of the beam selected from the option. The bolts will measure 1.5 inches more then the length of your beam. If your beam width is not in the options to the right, please round up to the closest length in t..
75.44 $CAD
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